Friday, October 17, 2008

Thoughts On Quantum Rise Expansion

CCP recently announced the next free expansion for Eve is coming this winter called Quantum Rise. Here are my thoughts.

1) Terrible name. I'm sorry, but "Quantum Rise"? What the hell does that mean? It sounds like the bastard child of the new Black Rise region and the Bond movie Quantum of Solace.

2) Weapon Linking. Movable HUD display. Cycle timers. Yes, yes, and HELL YEAH! Totally on board with those changes, I just need a bigger monitor to take advantage of them all.

3) Certificates and Medals. I approve as stated in Tuesday's post.

4) "The backbone of EVE's vibrant economy, industrial ships are being rebalanced and optimized to better suit the needs of haulers and industrialists, including the latest edition to the fleet, a massive capital industrial ship dubbed the Orca."

Ok, let's see the important part of that sentence. No, no, not the part about the Orca although that is significant, but this line here:

"[I]ndustrial ships are being rebalanced and optimized to better suit the needs of haulers and industrialists".

WHOA. That came out of nowhere. I can't think of a single thread or post where someone said, "You know, this Iteron V just isn't doing the job right. It needs changing." I mean, lots of complaints about inadequate space but that's a no-brainer; of course people want more space to haul stuff.

So how are they being "rebalanced and optimized"? It boggles the mind to think of the possibilities but I have no inkling of the actual possible changes. I know that Industrial ships were originally intended for a host of industrial activities and that hauling was a minor factor of that, but the developers abandoned that as being too complicated and problematic. Are they emboldened by the Rorqual's abilities and moving in that direction? Or is it just a fancy way of saying "you don't need the massive number of mid slots and CPU we gave you for a role that doesn't exist"?

Ok, enough of that. Let's speculate about the next line, "a massive capital industrial ship dubbed the Orca."

What the hell. We have a massive capital undustrial ship. Its called the Rorqual.

Its been speculated that this ship is going to be a high sec version of the Rorqual, which I can kind of see putting together but I disagree on its necessity. Others have said it will be a capital mining ship (as opposed to a Rorqual which is a capital mining foreman ship) but really, is a Hulk not sufficient enough for mining? I don't know, I'm not a miner.

I'm looking forward to more info on this new ship and the rebalanced/optimized haulers.


  1. Anonymous6:08 pm

    meh I don't care a whole lot about the for your other point I can only help but agree. The Orca should fill the role BETWEEN industrial and Freighter imo.. right now getting into a Charon cost billions and the largest amount you can carry if the gallente Iteron V somewhere maxxed at 45K m3 (with rigs which are about 40M a pop)The Charon holds what 785K m3? I don't want a damned Capital I want a ship BETWEEN the freighter and the Industrial

    Miner...yea something capital class should be able to eat roids and digest the contents...we will see I guess...

    One other thought when the heck is ambulation coming? The have said this winter..will it be with Quantum?

  2. Ambulation is a seperate server / system, it won't be released as part of a typical expansion. I expect midwinter release in early 2009.

  3. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Actually I put a lot of stock in a name and Quantum Rise is awful in one way, brilliant in another.

    It's awful for the reasons you mention. It's genius because it plays on the jargon of the quantum universe; a universe that can barely be understood by those that study it. Yet 'quantum' is also supposed to signify a massive change (for the better, we assume). Ergo, Quantum Rise will bring forth significant change - it's just that CCP haven't figured out how significant :)