Thursday, October 09, 2008


A recent alliance discussion on making sure everyone has remote repping skills for Battleship gangs (i.e. Shield Transporters or Remote Armour Repairs) evolved into a discussion of using Logistic ships in fleets, i.e. the Eve version of a full on healer. I talked about healers in Eve before and small fleet combat with larger ships is one of the few places it makes sense because the number of enemy ships and size of friendly ships (i.e. battleships) means that Logistic ships have a chance to repair the target before its destroyed.

Well, I decided to work on my skills for remote shield and armour repairing skills which takes a couple days to get to Large Tech II modules in both areas. I need the shield skills for the carrier anyways. But I decided to check to see how much additional training would be needed for an effective Caldari Basilisk Logistic ship.

1. Long Range Targeting V
2. Logistics I
3. Logistics II
4. Logistics III
5. Logistics IV

Total time: 13 days, 17 hours, 41 minutes, 41 seconds

Not too much but more than I really feel like doing right now; maybe later this winter. A Basilisk with two Large Shield Transporter IIs could repair over 160 shield points per second. That's impressive.


  1. Anonymous2:53 pm

    hmm pal of mine was repping somewhere near 65 Shield every two seconds but I have not a clue as to the mods..are the t2 variants better? unlike t2 missle launchers for example...

  2. I did my calculation using two Large Shield Transporter IIs on a Basilisk with skills at IV.

    EFT says its 384 points per 4.5 seconds for one transporter which is 85 and a third points per second, times two. :)

  3. Can't the basilisk mount 6 large shield reppers?

  4. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Can't run more than 3-4 by itself, but it can fit 2 energy transfer arrays and create free energy, if it has another basilisk.

  5. I was simply looking at perma run large shield transfer IIs, I didn't think overly about the build.

  6. Anonymous12:08 pm

    whether t2 or best name(s95...) is better depends on if your cap stable and how much cpu/pwg you have available t2 rep more having a 4.5 sec duration whereas the s95 has the same rep amount with a 5 sec duration. the s95 uses less cap and is easier to fit so depends onthe rest of your fitting which you would choose.