Friday, October 31, 2008

For the Alliance!

Yesterday the Alliance council decided would be a cooperative effort to raise ISK for the capital production program, so it was declared Mission Running Day from downtime to downtime this morning. Corporate taxes were raised to 100% and people online were expected to join in the fun to run and salvage as many level four missions as possible.

I made a point of participating last night by staying up an extra hour and a bit, helping in the Insisto Oblivium battleship with three level four missions in quick succession. I heard at that point last night one of the corps had raised 443 million ISK. Wow. Hopefully all the corps were as successful.

* * * * *
I made a point of not talking about the politics and my thoughts about m3 and Blackwater Alliance as I think it is important to keep any issues in the family and not air dirty laundry. But I think I can give a personal update without crossing the line.

So far I'm pleased with being in m3 again. Although its far more serious and focused than back at the end of 2007, its still being run by level headed and reasonable folks. The industrial side of things has been pared back and much more focus on combat operations and PvP in general; this has caused a number of mining/manufacturing pilots to splinter off into a friendly corp.

It seems the leadership is very closed lipped about what is going on. This could be a result of my lack of time online so I miss the odd conversation on Teamspeak between the line pilots and the directorship, or it could be a result of the leadership being so close and tightly knit from flying together over a year. Since the corp has a "your choice" in terms of participation level and does not dictate mandatory ops, it hasn't been a problem.

I'm still a low man on the totem pole. Last time in m3 I worked diligently on rising through the ranks and making myself an integral part of the m3 machinery. This time I figure my rougher schedule would make such efforts difficult so I'm enjoying the lack of responsibility; its nice not having to worry about politics for a change.

Overall I'm quite pleased with the current situation. The alliance is doing something I always wanted to do: pick a portion of low sec and defend it. Although your sec status is a job to keep from falling too low, there is always pirates roaming in for PvP and the occasional empire war to spice things up on a wider scale. I don't see myself moving on any time soon.

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