Friday, September 19, 2008

Interview Over

Last night I go on and there was the m3 Director I needed to talk to. He was available so soon I was on their Teamspeak and chatting away. I turned on the charm, got over my phobia about talking on comm software (I literally hate my voice and thus hate speaking to people I don't know on TS and Vent), and went for broke.

I think it went really good. He basically said that m3 is looking for pilots that are present in corp activities when they are online and not off in some corner of space doing their own thing. Which is perfect for me because this is exactly what I want; I've done the solo thing, I want to be part of something. They want combat pilots; that's all I train. Experience capital pilots are a plus; I plan to become one. There were other things but you get the idea. After all, I'm a 32 million skill point pilot with his own carrier and small fleet of non-capital ships and a desire to participate in corp activities... I'll fit in a lot of places. :P

The only big strike against me, as far as I can tell, that might persuade the directors and CEOs of m3 to give my application a pass would be my time online. I estimated at four hours a week spread in numerous short sessions more often than not. With the Twins at home and working regular days, its hard to sit down for even an hour more than once a week and even then I have to be aware that a cranky child or two supercedes Eve time. I hope it improves in the coming months but I cannot make any guarantees.

So now its wait and see mode. They'll probably get back to me in a day or so and then on Monday I'll know whether I am saying hi to my new corp and alliance mates or looking for something new.

Anecdote: After the interview I was telling my wife (aka SWMBO) about it and how I was hoping I'd get accepted and she turns to me and says with exasperation and teasing in her voice, "They do realize its just pretend, right? Its not real!" This coming from someone who gets into a panick over what is happening to her favourite characters in her soaps every day. I avoided pointing out the hypocrispy because I don't need to experience a thousand bee stings to know that poking a hive with a stick is a bad thing to do.


  1. Good luck with getting bring a lot to the table; I can't imagine they wouldn't snap you up regardless of your availability to play right now...because presumably that will change for the better over time and we all know that EVE is a long-term adventure.

    I must say, you are MOST wise in terms of ways of women. SWMBO is to be commended for her fine work. :)

  2. Eleven years of marriage teaches you a thing of two. ;)

  3. Anonymous1:02 pm

    Way to go hoss, I hope it goes well for you. do be a little bit of a skeptic ( till they prove themselves to you), and as long your honest and told em how much you can play that's about as above board as it gets!

    As for the whole shaking the nest makes the hurting start, wise move indeed, listen not when people tell you " your so well trained" instead think I have become more wise!



  4. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Sounds like it went well, man. Hope they accept you. Its definitely better to be up front and honest about the amount of time you play rather than say what they want to hear and then let down their expectations.

  5. Good luck on getting in...

    Oh and congratulations for having the brains not to hit that hive like it's a big piniata...

    ... good to see you have a healthy understanding of "self-preservation".