Thursday, September 18, 2008

FINEG - POS Siegers

Not me this time. A friend, an ex-Strife pilot, had a POS in some out of the way place that he was using for R&D much like I planned to. Well he was gone for a few days and came back to find it in reinforced thanks to my "buddies" at FINEG.

My friend said the worst part was he was planning on taking it down today anyways. One week earlier and he would have been OK. I have some sympathy for him but he was quite aware of the nastiness I went through with my POS in August; he too underestimated FINEG's determination and investigative talents for finding those towers.

At least he got a couple months out of the thing unlike my tower which was destroyed within a week. Sigh.


  1. Hey guys, just thought I'd leave a comment on that, now that my own pos was down. Because I jump cloned around so much they never actually got a lock on my pos, I also made sure to park my butt at least a jump away from the pos so that they could never pinpoint.

    Anyhow, after chatting with them they had no idea that I even had a pos up at any point. So my point here is that they are falible. Albeit, they do their research really well and I do think they have locator agents on a regular basis on most of us, so they are keeping tabs and noting trends. They're great hunters really.

    My advice, if you do anchor a pos, do it with a 0.0 alliance that is large and secured in their space. They likely won't spend the money to wardec one and in addition I have my doubts they'd risk their small cap fleet in a 0.0 engagement where it is all too easy to lose a whack of sheckles on a grudge match.

  2. I wasn't aware a war-dec was needed to attack something in low/null sec...

    I really doubt parking your pos in an alliance system is the way to attract less attention >.>

  3. You're right, a war dec is not needed to attack a POS in low sec or 0.0. Nhi is just confusing the issues. :) Easy enough to do for a man with so many logs in the fire. ;)