Tuesday, August 12, 2008

There Is Too Many Of Me!

Ah Jump Clones and Implants. Alone you are nothing special but together you are a confusing combination of excellent utility and frustrating inconvenience. Who hasn't wanted to join their buddies in 0.0 but still had 3 hours to go on their 24 hour jump clone timer? Or can only fit that battlecruiser to perfection with certain implants plugged in? You know what I'm talking about, we've all been there.

If there was one little thing I would like the Devs to add to Eve tomorrow, it would be the ability to name our clones and have that prominently displayed on the character sheet: "Currently in PvP Clone" or "Currently in +4 Mission Clone". That would be swell. Then I wouldn't have to realize this morning that my mission clone has been flown out to Caldari low sec territory to babysit the Ninveah while my plain +3 implant clone is sitting at my base.

I've got three clones:
- My main with all +4 implants and the 10% scanning time improvement hardwiring,
- My mission clone with +3 implants and two +3% damage hardwirings for turrets (Eifyr and Co 'Gunslinger' CX-1 and Zainou 'Deadeye' ZGL100 to be exact),
- My extra clone with just +3 implants.

The reason all the clones have skill improvement implants? I don't PvP much and the +3s are relatively cheap.

The current clone setup is not very effective. If I want to spend a lot of time in safe space, I should be in my +4 clone but then I'm not as good if I decite to run a mission. So I think I need to buy a couple hardwirings like my mission clone has to improve his damage in the Rokh. Then my mission clone can be used for PvP as the extra damage is always welcome.

My extra clone is not in the best position to become a carrier pilot. I really should have specialized implants for the carrier like a full set of Crystal implants so I might make a new jump clone (19H for another level of Infomorph Psychology) and prep him for the job. Of course all of that will cost significant amounts of ISK but we knew this going in.


  1. Anonymous7:56 pm

    How do you get good enough standings in disparate areas to run the clones?

    Maybe I habitually miss something but I find I often don't have the standing to install clones.

    I'm sporting one now, but it's in such a safe station it turns my stomach.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

  2. I ran missions for Republic fleet for a good couple months. Once I had 8 standing with them, I could install as many jump clones at different republic fleet stations as I could handle.

  3. Anonymous9:44 pm

    well actually you do not need any standing at all.. I will look it up and get back to you i'm tired atm. :)

  4. Anonymous5:06 am

    In order to get jump clones in out of the way areas, you create a jump clone somewhere where you can.

    You then fly out to said 'out of way' area, then jump clone to clone you just created. Hey presto, you leave behind a jumpclone.

    Providing you can create one JC anywhere, you can do the above.

  5. I got my jump clones by joining paying a fee to join Dark Reality, which offered jump clone services. It was like 15MIL isk for four jump clones for two characters...a bargain since I hate running missions. You paid, joined, installed your jump clones, then returned to your regular corp. However, it doesn't appear they offer this service anymore. Other corps must, though. Maybe look on the forums?

  6. Anonymous10:00 pm

    You ever think about having an orgy with yourself? I would pay to see that ^^

  7. I get the feeling you'll be one of those weirdos in stations doing add things when ambulation comes out, won't you Anon? ;)