Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nerve Wracking

Jumping the Nomad is almost always a nerve wracking experience.

A couple weeks ago I jumped a mission running battleship and tons of supplies into low sec for a friend whose security status made it difficult for him to get that stuff himself. I wanted to get the Jump Freighter back to high sec but the low sec border systems in the region were always busy and hence made the risk of a jump in high.

I finally got tired of waiting for an opportunity in those systems and looked to see what else was in range. Eventually I located a good low sec border system that was part of a pocket of low sec as opposed to contiguous low sec which means fewer roaming pirates and less traffic.

This morning I got everyone into position and successfully made the jump. But it was not without heart palpations. There was a couple in local when I set off the cyno beacon with Kirith and switched to Derranna. By the time she had undocked and cleared the moorings and then jumped, several other pilots had entered the target system and I suddenly felt very exposed. Plus my overview was set to show gates only and I couldn't tell if there was ships around to threaten the 4.5 billion ISK ship.

Fortunately, only Iterons were nearby and I docked safely. Some other time I'll actually make the run from station to gate. Some time when my heart stops beating so loud. I never got this nervous with the carrier I had with Barak Vorn because at least the carrier has some defence and offence to protect itself; the Jump Freighter is one target lock away from wreckage.


  1. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Wow, that is pretty risky! I would love to pilot a jump freighter, but it will take a long time for me to earn the money!
    Did you start with a freighter first?

  2. Yeah, I had a freighter (Fenrir) for a while before upgrading to the Nomad.