Friday, August 15, 2008

Big Heavy Bitch

So there I was, trying to sneak my Nomad Jump Freighter out of low sec into high sec this morning. I was in a quiet dead end low sec pocket, local was empty, and 2 minutes to go on the timer until downtime.

I jump clone to the station and wait for the session timer to complete so I can get into the ship (named Pegasus BTW). Then I click undock and wait for space to come into my vision. Then I choose the gate and click warp to zero. Damn, gotta turn this boat, c'mon baby, turn... turn...

By this time there is like 15 seconds left before the great switch in the sky is flipped and Eve goes lights out.

C'mon you heavy pig, get into warp! WARP!

Five seconds left. GET INTO WARP NOW!

"Warp Drive Active"

Good. As the connection is severed, I was pleased to know I might actually be off grid of the station when I logged in again. If the server takes a few seconds before shutting down, I might even be on the gate!

Sure enough, I logged in after downtime and found myself warping to the gate. Sweet. Moments later, the Pegasus is returned to the relative safety of high sec space.

I really need to plan these operations out better.

* * * *

In other news, last night Kirith was logging in only to find other pilots in local in his chosen system, so I moved a couple jumps deeper into 0.0 and found a system that seems unoccupied. Several random logons later and its still empty. Good sign, here's hoping to lots of good ratting. Also, he finished Energy Management V today and is starting on a 12 day skill called Shield Management V which will give my ships slightly more shields AND access to Tech II Shield Amplifiers which is high on my list of modules I need.

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  1. Anonymous2:27 am

    seems like you have a lot of big ships (freighters), very nice. I look forward until I have enough isk to buy one, I'm always stuck at the 70-80 million range haha.