Thursday, July 31, 2008

So Close

Last night I thought I had my chance.

Wife was watching TV with twin B. Twin A was having a nap. I scooted upstairs and booted Eve and logged in as Kirith.

I undocked and opened the scanner; two tries later I had a Cosmic Anomaly all lined up and warped to it. Damn, level II and I don't think my Destroyer can take that kind of heat. But I do have the new PvE Vexor one jump away. I warped to the stargate, jumped into Amarr high sec, got chased by the faction navy all the way to the station.

There I assembled the Vexor, threw the modules on it, loaded it with ammo and drones, and jumped back to the low sec system, and warped to the beacon. As I arrived at the complex I started moving towards the bad guys and began cycling the locking computers on the juicy targets. I was just about to engage weapons when suddenly... "WAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAA WAAAAAAA!!!!!"

Twin A woke up. DAMN! Sadly, I logged out and went to feed the hungry offspring.

Next time foul Amarr NPCs! Next Time!

* * * * * *

In other news, I sold the 6 manticores for over 17 million each for a total of over 103 million ISK, about 31 million of which was profit.

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