Friday, July 04, 2008

Running the Roads

Well, running the space lanes at least.

Last night I had Derranna picking stuff up for me and getting ready to deliver it to Gulfonodi and Hek since she is not in the militia like Kirith is.

With my recent posts about scanning times and getting it under two minutes, I started to think about Exploration again. I tried exploration way back in 2007 but the extremely long scan times (4-5 minutes) frustrated me and made it not worth it. But now that the times will be half as much, I wonder about trying it again.

At the same time, ninja ratting in 0.0 is another possibility if my faction warfare efforts don't start paying off soon with some action. Or maybe time to see if m3 will take me back with my limited play schedule?

No rush to decide anything, just wondering out loud.

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