Friday, July 11, 2008


I managed some time to move the newly constructed Widow Black Ops Battleship from my factory station to Rens and put it up on the market there. The demand for Widows in Rens is not as high as say Jita area in the Forge region, but I really think regional markets are the way of the future and with some patience I should be able to sell my ship here.

While in Rens, I had Korannon lay out the approximately 175 million ISK for the materials to build 16 crows from various BPCs I had in my hanger as part of Operation Spring Cleaning. I figure the build cost is about 10-11 million per ship and retail price is about 15-17 million, so there is a nice profit to be made there if I could find the time to move the materials to my factory. Sigh.

In other news, I've decided to get a Crow for Kirith's low sec running from agent to mission and back instead of the Raptor. While the Raptor is better at tackling and has a faster warp speed, the Crow is fast and has a larger engagement range allowing it to be more of a combat ship should I run into any stray war targets to engage in the process.

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  1. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Oh, to have the monies for such endeavors.

    Good luck!