Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hot Markets

The cloaking devices sold quickly for decent ISK, and there was lots of sell orders for the Invulnerability Fields over 2 million so I sold them as quickly as possible. That is about 190 million ISK profit. Not bad, eh? The production of the Widow is going well with the parts all due out of the factories in a few days. Next I might build some interceptors and assault ships.

With some ISK in my pocket to burn, I decided to buy some cheap faction modules.
Domination 100MN Microwarpdrive - For a blaster Rokh I'm planning for small gang warfare
Domination Invulnerability Field - Not as good as Tech II, but half as much cap per second and easier to fit, good for Assault Ships
Domination Warp Scrambler - easier to fit AND 11.25 km range compared to 9km for Tech II

I also broke down and started training a level in Signal Acquisition to improve scan times. It was only a 23 hour skill level and will help a lot. Might even do the fourth level of that skill so I can track down those damn Amarr captured complexes faster.

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  1. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Very worthwhile in my opinion if you've got scanning to do. Astrometric Pinpointing and Triangulation make things better, too. Throw in a pair of Gravity Capacitor Upgrades and you're bordering on the worthwhile.