Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Skill Training Completed"

NOTE: This post was written yesterday but since I was off in the afternoon I didn't get a chance to post it. Enjoy.
* * * *
The second of the "big three" skills blocking my way to the Chimera Carrier completed on the weekend. With Drone Interfacing V finished all that stands in my way is Advanced Spaceship Command V, a 22 day ordeal that when completed will be the cause of much celebration.

Meanwhile Derranna completed Anchoring V on the weekend too and she's at a bit of a crossroads again. It seems everytime I finish a new skill I have doubts about what to train next. Without any hard and fast long term goals she's an elusive girl to pick what to train next. I settled on some drone skills this weekend because they are useful in almost all race's ships and in combat, support, and mining roles. But before she got into the drones, I trained her up enough to use Salvagers.

Speaking of support, I'm considering having her train up to a Logisitics ship, the Minmatar Scimitar for shield transporting fun. With her new ability to Salvage, having her fly around after Kirith in a Scimitar could be very useful in ratting or missions where she could shield boost and clean up wrecks behind his combat vessel. Plus if she trains up for a Scimitar, the awesome Minmatar Recons are not far behind giving me deadly webber range.

Hmmm, could Derranna become a second combat pilot?

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