Friday, June 27, 2008

It Burns, it Burns!

As I have said before, writing for the Eve Tribune has been very lucrative for me, earning about 60-80 million ISK per week. For a guy who can't log in longer than 20 minutes, that a nice ISK Faucet. So the wallet has been growing nicely since I'm not out losing ships and with production of Tech II stuff heating up I expect I'll be hitting a billion ISK in a month.

As in real life, money burns a hole in my pocket. So I feel the need to splurge but the question is on what?

At first I thought about some more Tech II ships like the Eagle and Rook. And I might still do that, but its not very exciting for a splurge. A splurge has to be a luxury item!

So I considered a good faction cruiser like a Navy Caracal, Navy Vexor, or a pirate ship like the Vigilant or Gila. The problem is that if you have access to Tech II cruisers, the faction variants tend to lose their lustre in comparison and don't seem to live up to the faction hype.

Then I thought about the responsible thing and buying modules and drones for my carrier. It will be expensive to outfit the thing that's for sure. But I have a long time until I need to fly it since I have no need for it until I can play regularly again and get back into group operations, so I will have lots of time to buy the things I need later on.

What about some fancy implants? Perhaps a very costly low grade Snake set to improve the speed of my ships and become a real nano pilot? Tempting, but very expensive to fly around in for a hack pilot like me and I have a certain degree of fear of spending so much money on something that CCP might nerf on me. Then I considered some +5 implants to increase my training time but really the benefit is minimal compared to the cost. The +4 implant set I have is sufficient.

Perhaps some elite faction modules? Nah, I want something bigger I can sink my teeth into.

A faction battleshipm perhaps? The Tech II battleships are very specialized and skill intensive so the faction battleships have some attraction. I had a Vindicator at one point that I was going to train for (Gallente/Minmatar battleship skills) but sold it when I decided it weas either the battleship or the Chimera carrier. But there are other faction battleships requiring less training: Navy Megathron, Navy Raven, Rattlesnake (Caldari/Gallente hybrid) for example can all be flown with less than a week's worth of training. Of course, the sexier ones like the Navy Mega have huge price tags.

So you can see, lots of options and no rush to decide. This Friday afternoon rambling post was brought to you by long-time-consuming-executions-of-code-at-work.


  1. Send me ISKies? Try to kick start an alliance war, by paying a merc company to infiltrate a company in an alliance and have it wardec on another company in another alliance. Then plant mercenaries in that alliance and use it to wardec on the first company, and their alliance, leading to a large war brewing out. Be nearby as a war proffiteer selling Ammo, guns ETC and salavaging the left-overs of large battles?

  2. Man, any mercenary corp worth hiring would cost far more ISK than my wallet can afford :P