Wednesday, June 04, 2008

If I Can't Destroy, I'll Build

Since I have no real time to get online and do missions, PvP, and the like with Kirith, I'll have to get my Eve fix by using Derranna and exploiting the industrial side of things.

I don't have time or resources to support a new POS for copying blueprints for invention, but I can get rid of my backlog of BPCs by working on them, and then building all of my Tech II BPC items and selling them. In essence, liquidating my assets and turning them into capital.

I could sell the Tech II BPCs directly but I think I can get more ISK by building. And Factory slots and Invention Lab slots are easy to come by unlike Copy Lab slots.

I started last night by inventing 4 new Invulnerability Field II BPCs (10 runs each) and adding them to my inventory of 3 I already had. Next step is to clear out my Ship BPCs starting with Manitcore and Kitsune inventions tonight.

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