Thursday, June 26, 2008

Burning the Midnight Oil

Well, I'm not. I'm actually sleeping quite good most nights as the Boys sleep longer. Over two months old now! Wow.

Anyways, its Derranna who is working late nights in the factories of Heimatar.

I decided I needed to turn my Tech II BPCs and 500 million ISK into 1 billion. So I turned the money over to Korannon to use to buy stuff and act as an accountant. He bought 96 million worth of parts for building 70 Invulnerability Field IIs, 10 Covert Ops Cloaks, and 10 Improved Cloaks. Rough estimate all those will retail for around 200-250 million. Good start.

After that I plan to build some Tech II Caldari ships, passing the odd one back to Kirith for his disposal, i.e. fly it like a mad man until someone kills me.

Good times!

As a side note, Derranna only having 6 manufacturing slots is getting annoying. Time to plop down the 20 mil for Advanced Manufacturing and get a few more factories going.

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