Thursday, May 15, 2008


OK, not really, but I made enough preventable mistakes that I might as well have just self destructed myself.

For the past week I've been forced to use Korannon to move stuff like POS fuel and building supplies due to the war declaration on Strife and my desire to not remove Derranna from the corp. The problem is that Korannon is untrained and can only haul ~10,000 m3 in a defenseless Badger MK II compared to Derranna's Mastodon with ~28,000 m3 and 10 times the defenses (not to mention the Fenrir freighter).

So last night I finally got the last batch of moon materials for ship component construction to Stacmon and contracted it to Derranna to move out to our low sec base. And then I began making mistakes due to my impatience.

1) Instead of using the Jump Freighter, I figured I'd avoid the hassle of cynos and such and just use a Transport ship with Kirith scouting the way.

2) Instead of using a Prowler Blockade Runner and making multiple trips, I opted for the slower and larger Mastodon Deep Space Transport ship to make one trip.

3) And even after seeing Ostingele was being camped on and off by a large force of battleships and HICs, I still decided to sneak through instead of waiting until the morning when it would be quieter.

The end result was this. Those are just the ships that were fast enough to get on the killmail, the campers had more ships. It was not pretty.

I was watching the gate in Ostingele with my Falcon and I saw this group on the gate, warp off, come back a few minutes later, and warp off again. At that point I tried to sneak Derranna through. But mere seconds after I jumped in and starting to align to warp the camp warped in on me and because the Mastodon is so slow I was easily warp scrambled before hitting the 75% velocity mark to escape into the warp tunnel.

They warped in on me so fast I believe it is more likely they have a position just off the grid of the gate (about 1000 km) where they sit and watch for gate activations with a cloaked ship like I was doing with Kirith. This allows them to surprise people like me trying to sneak through. Had I used the Prowler, I would have been fine as it aligns and hits warp so fast they would not have gotten me. And the Jump Freighter of course, would have avoided the whole damn system.

So there you have it. Impatience costs. Worst part is, as I was hitting the jump button to make the run for it, I knew it was a mistake. Every fibre of my being screamed out "NOOOOO" but I did it anyways. Listen to your instincts kids.

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