Thursday, April 17, 2008

Weekly Dawn Of War Report

Last night Andrew and I met again in vicious virtual combat for three games.

Game # 1 - My Chaos Tau
Although he had a better grip on his Tau than last time, my solid formations of marines backed up by Predator tanks proved to be too overwhelming for his forces.

Game # 2 - My Imperial Guard versus Space Marines
I never even got into this battle. Andrew rushed the Take and Hold objectives and then calmly chewed up everything that I marched out to try and take them back. It ended with many guardsmen being built and then being cut down in seconds by three Landspeeders while the Terminators and Space Marines pummelled by base.

Game # 3 - My Eldar versus Space Marines
This was a long game, 52 minutes all told. It looked like he was going to win early on when his initial Marine squads pushed my soft Guardians around back to the edge of my base, but I recovered with Howling Banshees whose power swords are the nemesis of power armour. Then we both pulled back to build up forces for a while; I developed a force of Banshees, Dark Reapers, and Fire Dragons and he built up Marines, Terminators, and Dreadnoughts.

Then the battle began. It was pretty even for a while but my superior numbers seemed to be getting a slight edge. While the fighting raged we both built up second waves: more Aspect warriors and 5 Wraithlords for me, more marines, Terminators, and Dreadnoughts for him. We also worked on end-game units. While one half the board saw our forces in a pitched battle, Andrew sent a Land Raider and Predator escort to the other side that I countered with the Avatar. The firepower took the Avatar down but not before I gained the upper hand in the main battle and was able to send Fire Dragons and Wraithlords to tear up the tanks.

The battle had swung my way. A second Avatar joined the fray along with two Fire Prisms. Andrew conducted some deep strikes with Dreadnoughts and Terminators but I held the field and began the push into his territory. It took several long minutes and one abortive try on his base and Take and Hold Objectives before I was able to get enough forces and momentum to take the objectives and destroy his base.

It was a close one, and I'm sure he'll make me pay next time.

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