Friday, April 11, 2008

Quiet Night

My play time last night started earlier than normal and I found myself online with no corp mates around. What to do? There was nothing to sell or research for the corp as we are in the process of moving and upgrading our POS. Nothing needed moving or buying or setting up at this time; still waiting for the Jump Freighter (8 days and 20 hours). No one to form a gang with (except our topic of the last post who I am going to avoid working with from now on).

So I decided to jump in my trusty Falcon and scout out the enemy system where all the action happened last night but this time by myself. Maybe they would get sloppy and I could pick up a cheap kill.

I spent the next hour warping around and using the directional scanner to see if anything would present itself in the Outer Ring system. Once I thought I could track down a Caracal cruiser but it docked. Lots of hostiles in the system and they played it close to the vest, no one was foolish enough to rat with my ugly mug staring at them in local.

After an hour of all cat and no mice I headed back to base as I thought my time was up. Lo and behold, the Mistress of my Existence declared she was going to watch one of her shows giving me an additional hour to fart around. I opted to rat in my Cerberus this time picking up some ISK and loot from the belts to fill my wallet and hanger respectively. After a little while some corp mates came on, we had some discussions, finalized some plans, and generally everything was quiet.

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