Tuesday, April 01, 2008


With the new alliance working out well for us, I've decided to make the move of my personal belongings from Nonni to Stacmon. Most of it is easy: transfer to Derranna and she'll freighter it down in the Galactica. The problem is the rest, specifically, rigged ships.

A Drake, Onyx, and Manticore. They are all rigged, the Drake for higher resists, the Onyx for better active shield boosting, and the Manticore for missile damage. Repackaging ships destroys the rigs and they can't be removed, so I'll have to manaully pilot each one to Stacmon from Nonni, 20 boring jumps through high sec.

Last night I cloned jumped to my Empire clone and flew in my pod to Nonni, contracted the stuff to Derranna that I could, and tonight will begin the multiple trips to Stacmon. Sigh. I could try and sell them using contracts but I want the ships, just not the hassle of moving them. I kinda wish I still had Barak and I could carrier jump them but that boat as sailed.

Derranna was busy last night moving her own stuff around before flying to Amarr to do some shopping for the corp to buy stuff for more invention attempts and building the four cloaking devices BPCs she invented last week. The corp will need the ISK from those cloaks to fund our next project: a new POS.

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