Monday, April 07, 2008

Life in 0.0

With Derranna up in our little 0.0 pocket I was faced Saturday morning with a few hours to play and no responsibilities to worry about. Its been a long time since I've done ratting so I decided to hope in the Cerberus Heavy Assault Cruiser I had brought up as a toy and see what she could do.

Derranna went into a nearby gating system to act as an Early Warning System for me and I went off to the belts.

WOW! The Cerberus really rocked the rats and I enjoyed flying it. With 5 Tech II Heavy Assault Missile launchers and regulare Tech 1 missiles, enemy frigs, cruisers, and battlecruisers just melted and the battleship rats took only a little longer than with the Rokh. Right now I'm sticking with the Cerberus for ratting and leaving the Rokh for more extreme encounters.

Unfortunately, the system I was ratting in had crappy spawns of mostly battlecruisers and smaller with only one cheap battleship showing up the first couple times through the belts. Then the chaining started to pay off with a few battleship spawns and then a Shadow Serpentis cruiser spawn in which I picked up a nice faction medium smartbomb module as loot. By the end of the morning's ratting I had picked up about 10 million isk.

I think participated in a small gate camp for a while but had to log before we caught anything of great interest.

On Sunday I was back ratting again, and although there was no faction spawns this time I did see a lot more battleship rats and made my ten million in about and hour or such. Then I went cruising in my Falcon looking for easy targets but nothing presented itself.

All in all a quiet weekend with some ISK making on the side.

There have been some grumblings in the ranks about how the alliance deals with (or rather does not deal with) certain issues and I hope these are just growing pains and that we can work it all out with our alliance mates in good order. I'd hate to have to move again already without the jump frieghter up and running which is only 12.75 days away.

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