Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hop Skip And a Jump

Last night I completed the move of corp assets from high sec to our base with the Jump Freighter. Man, that is fun stuff. Not as fun as the carrier mind you: at least the carrier had defenses if someone got nosey, the freighter is so much more vulnerable.

The best part about the jump was having Kirith run a huge battleship gate camp on the way from high sec in a shuttle and then later on having the freighter completely ignore said camp by using the jump drives. That just rocks.

Once the stuff was delivered I setup some more POS structures, some defensive and some utility like a corporate hanger array. Not sure why we would need it with the corp hangers in the NPC station only a few hundred thousand klicks away but it felt cool. And I'm all about feeling cool.

With research and manufacturing spinning up again, and the jump freighter taking some load off our CEO carrier pilot, things are looking good.

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