Monday, March 10, 2008

Warms My Cold Pirate Heart

Wilhelm of the blog The Ancient Gaming Noob writes about his birthday and his daughter giving him a Nintendo DS Lite so they can play Pokemon together.
However, my daughter did have something in mind for me. After discovering on the flight back from Maui that her DS had wireless connectivity and that there were multiplayer options in Pokemon Diamond, she seemed pretty determined that I had to have my own DS and copy of Pokemon so that we could play together.
These posts about the gaming he and his daughter have, whether its Pokemon on the DS or Lege Starwars on the Wii, rely make me excited and happy. You see, my wonderful wife Mrs Kodachi is pregnant with twin boys and is due near the end of April. So in a few years I can look forward to early morning Saturday games with my boys as I teach them the ins and outs of video fun.

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