Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I Feel Like Camping

I've never done much gate camping in my Eve Career. Usually I'm part of roaming gank squads for the few times I am actively PvPing.

But after seeing the sheer carnage that Triumvirate caused in Aunenen a week or two ago with their gate camps, and the extra pile of ISK I have, I feel the urge to give it a try. The question is, how?

There are two ways to run a gate camp. The first and most obvious is with numbers: a few damage-dealing battleships, a couple fast lockers and tacklers, and an urge to shoot at everything that comes through the gate.

The second method is the solo method. This requires a ship that can lock, tackle if need be, and do serious damage while tanking the sentry gun fire if in low sec. A tall order.

I considered doing a blaster Rokh and going for slow haulers and miners coming through a gate. The damage is impressive enough to kill them before getting to warp (hence no need for tackle) and its tank is more than up to the job. The problem is the lock time: even with three sensor booster IIs with scripts it works to about 5 seconds to lock a hauler (according to this tool here.) Combine that with no tackle and the number of kills I would rack up would be small.

So I looked at building an Onyx just for solo gate camping. Cheaper, higher scan resolution, powerful tackle module, and sufficient tank and gank to get the job done. Here's what I came up with:

[Onyx, Gate Camper]
3 x Ballistic Control System II
Power Diagnostic System II
2 x Large Shield Extender II
2 x Invulnerability Field II
Medium Capacitor Booster II, Cap Booster 400
Sensor Booster II, Targeting Speed
5 x Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II, Terror Rage Assault Missile
Warp Disruption Field Generator I, Focused Warp Disruption
2 x Core Defence Field Purger I

DPS measures at 359, Defence Rating of 226 on over 9K shield points and good resists, and cap lasts over 2 minutes without cap booster. For ganking small cruisers and haulers, its good. Only problem is ships with MWDs.

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