Thursday, March 06, 2008

Gate Camping = Fishing

I finally got Onyx number 2 out gate camping for a bit last night and came to the conclusion that Gate Camping is a lot like fishing: you sit there all quiet waiting for the gate to flash like a nibble on your line, and then a target appears and you decide to engage or not like whether or not you have picked up weeds or an actual fish, and then combat as you engage and hope he can't escape just like struggling to reel a big fish in, and then the thrill of victory as you pop the target or land the fish in the boat.

I only got a lowly Badger equipped with a Miner II, a Mining Upgrade, and a Civilian Shield Booster in the 30 minutes I was free to camp (and I had to spend 15 of those minutes waiting down the aggression timer from killing it) but it was exciting. I'll probably try it again.

I cut the effort short when a Triumvirate pilot in a Megathron showed up on the gate and didn't jump through. Hmmmm, a pilot of one of the most feared alliances in the game at the moment, flying a battleship that could easily tank me and kill me, and he has a negative sec status? Jump, JUMP!!! "I was ready to quit anyways!" he says as he slinks back to station.

It was like fishing for trout when a 30 foot great white shark appears.

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