Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Boom! Headshot!

Last night I finally had an hour to myself and decided to take out the Falcon for some hunting. IN low sec I pinged a Vexor on scanner and some guys taking in local about what I thought was a complex or mission, so I tried to narrow down where this Vexor was. I finally determined it wasn't at a belt so I got within 5 AU (I've been using the distance of the scanner a lot lately to help narrow targets) and then docked to put on the Recon Probe Launcher. Back out in space, launch probe, got Vexor, warped to it.... Damn, empty ship at a POS.

I opened up the scanner again and this time picked up a Bestower, and Amarr hauler. I was half sure it was at a POS already but on the off chance I threw out another probe and a minute and a half later I got a hit. Warped to it and landed in a belt 30km from the ship. Fortunately for me, I also landed more than 2000 meter from any objects so my cloaking field was not disrupted.

I started to advance on the hauler, plotting an intercept course and hoping he would not warp off before I could get him. I hit 19 km and deactivated the cloak and spammed the lock button. Was he going to warp off before the 6 second cloaking recalibration and the locking time had passed?

No. Now the question was whether he had an warp stabilizers fitted. Survey says... no. He's locked, scrammed, webbed, and jammed. My two heavy blasters (damn scan probe launcher) start working and soon his ship is a wreck. Nothing really worth looting except a couple Giant secure cans and I'm short a hauler of my own to carry them, so the kill mail and a bit more prestige on the killboard will have to suffice.

I'm at the point where hunting with the Falcon is not fulfilling enough. Too many targets that my pathetic DPS can't handle. I'm considering altering the Plan to slip Gallente Cruiser V in there but then I see its an additional 22.5 days... and I figure I'll have to suffer for the time being.


  1. Anonymous11:04 am

    I've had nothing but bad luck in my Falcon, there's always a can or something in just the wrong place when I'm trying to sneak.

  2. I've been surprisingly lucky in this ship. Of course, its my second Falcon... the first I blew up myself via Concord when trying out its ECM on an alt in high sec. The alt was in another corp. OOPS!