Monday, March 03, 2008

Absolutely Positively Set-In-Stone Training Plan (Subject to Change)

OK, with the advent of the Vindicator to my stable of Ships-I-Want-To-Fly, I've come up with the Ultimate Training Plan for 2008. Ready? Brace Yourself!

1. Heavy Missiles V
2. Large Hybrid Turret V
3. Large Railgun Specialization I --> Tech II Large Railguns for Rokh, March 26th
4. Large Railgun Specialization II
5. Large Railgun Specialization III
6. Large Railgun Specialization IV
7. Motion Prediction V
8. Large Blaster Specialization I --> Tech II Large Blasters for Rokh and Vindicator, April 12th
9. Large Blaster Specialization II
10. Large Blaster Specialization III
11. Large Blaster Specialization IV
12. Caldari Battleship V --> Just some General Improvements for Rokh, Scorpion, future ships, May 26th
13. Gallente Drone Specialization I
14. Gallente Drone Specialization II
15. Gallente Drone Specialization III
16. Gallente Drone Specialization IV
17. Heavy Drone Operation IV
18. Heavy Drone Operation V --> Tech II Ogres for Vindicator, June 22nd
19. Gallente Cruiser IV
20. Gallente Battleship I
21. Gallente Battleship II
22. Gallente Battleship III --> Megathron, Dominatrix, Hyperion, June 28th
23. Gallente Battleship IV
24. Minmatar Frigate IV
25. Minmatar Cruiser I
26. Minmatar Cruiser II
27. Minmatar Cruiser III
28. Minmatar Cruiser IV
29. Minmatar Battleship I --> Vindicator! July 10th
30. Minmatar Battleship II
31. Minmatar Battleship III --> Typhoon, Tempest, Maelstrom, July 12th
32. Minmatar Battleship IV
33. Warp Drive Operation V
34. Jump Drive Operation I
35. Jump Drive Operation II
36. Jump Drive Operation III
37. Jump Drive Operation IV
38. Jump Drive Operation V
39. Jump Drive Calibration I
40. Jump Drive Calibration II
41. Jump Drive Calibration III
42. Jump Drive Calibration IV
43. Black Ops I --> Widow Battleship, August 25th
44. Black Ops II
45. Black Ops III
46. Black Ops IV
47. Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
48. Marauders I --> Golem Battleship. October 1st
49. Marauders II
50. Marauders III
51. Marauders IV
52. Advanced Spaceship Command I
53. Advanced Spaceship Command II
54. Advanced Spaceship Command III
55. Advanced Spaceship Command IV
56. Advanced Spaceship Command V
57. Capital Ships I
58. Capital Ships II
59. Capital Ships III
60. Drone Interfacing V
61. Caldari Carrier I --> Chimera Carrier, November 29th
62. Caldari Carrier II
63. Caldari Carrier III
64. Caldari Carrier IV
65. Tactical Shield Manipulation V
66. Capital Shield Operation I --> Captial Shield Booster for Carrier, December 28th
67. Capital Shield Operation II
68. Capital Shield Operation III
69. Capital Shield Operation IV
70. Leadership V
71. Fighters I --> Fighter for Carrier, January 8, 2009
72. Fighters II
73. Fighters III
74. Fighters IV

There you have it!


I'm never going to stick to that for 321 days.

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