Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Time Is Not On My Side

I don't get as many hours to play an evening as others do. I can usually manage a few minutes here and there and then one hour solid, so I need to expend my efforts wisely. As a result, I often don't do much with other players and I have to do a lot of solo activities.

Our corp is setting up some POSes in 0.0 and I really want to help as I want to make Strife Mercs a success. But its hard to work with a group when my schedule doesn't match up with theirs. So I look for solo activities I can do asynchronously to help out. Hauling, moon probing, carrier jumps, buying stuff, it all needs to be done.

Recently I volunteered to setup the small POS in the outpost system for our research and development cause. I know I can run a small POS and it needs to be done. In order to make full use of it, I plan to put Razor Tech on hiatus for a while and focus all efforts on Strife.

In other news....

Last night I was out in my new Drake battlecruiser trying to see how ratting in it was. As I was looking for a quite place to try it out, I ran into a system with a couple reds in it as I jumped through the gate. Worried about running into a gate camp I activated my cloak just as a Cheetah covert ops frigate warped in. I sat still for a while, waiting to see if something else would happen. After a few minutes more, I decloaked and warped to my next gate and sure enough the Cheetah decloaked and gave chase. This went on for a couple system and then I warped to a safe spot and cloaked.

Thank god for the cloak. A covert ops with scan probes can, with max skills and rigs, find a ship in space in less than 30 seconds. So the cloak protected me from that possibility and he knew it. He left and I was able to get back to testing my ships.

The tank is amazing. With two large shield extenders, invul field, EM and Thermal hardeners I barely even knew I was being fired upon. Damage was sucky but since I'm still weeks from tech II HAMs I didn't feel like laying down millions for better named launchers so it has 7 basic HAM Launchers, a difference of almost 100 point per second. Still, I might go back to base and gimp my tank a little more to get another Ballistic Control Unit to up the damage.

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