Wednesday, February 13, 2008


With the drama of the weekend behind us and the corporation successfully extracted from Sylph's 0.0 space, we sat down and regrouped the remaining pilots to determine a plan of action.

A large component of the new plan is aggressive recruiting to bolster numbers and make us more attractive to an alliance. We're looking for North American and Western European pilots initially to activity in those time zones where we have some pilots already. We've reduced the skill requirements as we feel a dedicated, dependable, and intelligent newbie is more valuable than a jerky, unreliable, idiot of a veteran.

Another part of the plan is to run more operations in Tech 1 frigates and cruisers with cheap fittings. Part of the benefits of that type of operation is the corp can easily produce those frigates and cruisers for minimal costs thus allowing us to be more cavalier with them.

The third part is to produce some sort of income for the corp and I'm heading up that charge using science and industry programs that worked well in Razor. As such, I expect Razor's Hiatus to continue indefinitely so I'll be looking to institute a share buyback program to appease investors.

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