Monday, February 25, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Last week I complained of too much money. Well I solved that problem.

The Good: One of the side goals of the corp is to get as many people as possible running level four Caldari Navy missions in Lonetrek as a method for generating ISK, loot, and salvage. I had access to level two agents so I decided to power through on the weekend and get to level three.

The question was, what ship to use? The Rokh is overkill by a mile, so I considered the Drake but I wanted more speed. Assault Frig? Tempting, but that money was burning a hole in my pocket so I splurged and bought a Cerberus. With 5 assault launchers and an afterburner, I could zip through missions in seconds. I ran about twenty missions before I got the magic 3.1 standing with Caldari Navy and was able to get into a good level three agent closer to Nonni.

I'll continue using the Cerberus in level three missions just because I bought it and want to make good use of it.

The Bad: Of course, using the Cerberus made me think I should perhaps finish my training of Heavy Missiles V and get tech two specialization as a way to compliment the Tech 2 HAMs. It would take about 8 days to finish as I already have it at 43%, so I'll do it and then have the option for damage with HAMs or range (~143km) with heavies.

Then, I promise, I'll do my large hybrid V.

The Ugly: I was stupid on Saturday.

Feeling cocky and lucky, I tried to sneak in a load of POS fuel into low sec without scouting first and ran into a large gate camp in Daras. They made no mistake and my Tech II Mastodon went down in a ball of flame. A costly mistake to be sure, but a lesson I apparently needed to feel pain for to learn. So that cost 50 million for the ship, 20 million for the fuel, and another ungodly amount for the two rigs I had on it. Sigh.

So much for being rich!

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