Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ending the Double Life

Being truly addicted to Eve, I have a few characters as I have mentioned before. Three of them have been my main characters in corporations like m3 and Strife; Kirith as combat pilot, Barak as freighter and carrier hauler, and Optivus as Cyno alt. The other three have run Razor Technologies for me; Korannon as CEO and trader, Derranna as main researcher and inventor, and Sun as research assistant.

But now that Razor is closed and on the shopping block (see sale post here) I find myself with several characters I don't need. After the sale Korannon will be out of a job and not needed anywhere as his only unique skills are CEO management. Optivus only does cyno generation work for Barak and Derranna can do that just as easily. Sun Tomah is not required for research as Strife has enough pilots with skills to run the labs.

I'll keep Korannon. I have some sentimental attachment to the old boy and if I ever need to start up a corporation again, he'll be point man once more. But Optivus and Sun are tempting to sell for ISK and clear up the alt slots once again.

Someday, after Kirith has trained up for his Carrier, Barak will see his carrier go to Kirith and his freighter go to Derranna and he will officially be redundant as well. But for now, I still need him.


  1. Anonymous4:47 am

    Clearing up the char slots is libertating in many ways. I now have one slot available and will have a look at the sale details.

    Fly Safe

  2. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Sell Optivus
    To quote Boromir, "I care not"

    Enough time has passed that I've no attachment left.