Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Coming Together

Things are really starting to come together for Strife Mercenaries. To wit:

- POS is up and running and this week I'll anchor the mobile labs to get R&D&I going.

- Corp mining night was held last night with good turnout and lots of asteroids raped

- Plans for Tech 1 cruiser operations are getting support from the corp members and seeing some action

- Recruitment is continuing and we are swelling our numbers slowly but surely.

It may be another few weeks before we are ready for 0.0 action again, but we I can feel we are gelling as a team and when we do hit the big time we'll have a great core of infrastructure and pilots to get us there.

* * * * * *

Side story: on the weekend I was using Kirith and Derranna to setup and fuel the new POS called Strife Prime. After dropping off a week's worth of fuel Derranna was heading back to Nonni with the empty Mastadon (Tech 2 Minmatar Hauler). I hadn't experienced any problem with gate camps in the low sec blip that is called the Aunenen system but sure enough this time I jumped in without a scout and ran into a pilot camping the gate.

Now I had one warp stab which would get my away from some pirates, but this guy was in a Gallente Phobos Heavy Interdictor which meant that if he had a Warp Disruption Field Generator like my Onyx boasts, nothing could get away from him. Sure enough, I was warp scrambled and looking to be in trouble.

He opened fire and I watched as my shields slowly went down, all the time spamming the Warp button in the vague hopes he would turn off the disruptor. At about 30% shields I got the "Warping" message and after what seemed forever due to the slowness of the Deep Space Transport ship I was flying, I warped off.

How did I escape? Well, I speculate that he was trying to do three things: warp scram me, fire his weapons, and tank the sentries. For whatever reason, I think he lacked the capacitor to do all three and hoped I might not realize the scram was off. No excuse for it though, with 4 mid slots and no need for a warp disruptor in them he could have easily fit a cap injector and had enough cap to deal with me.

Ah well, his loss. To cap the story off a corpmate reported seeing his frozen corpse at a gate later in the day. Heh, fail.

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