Friday, January 11, 2008

Take That Caldari State!

Last weekend I got assigned a 5 part mission set and completed the first four parts in short order. Last night the expiry date on accepting the last part of the mission was getting close so I decided to do it and get it over with before it was too late.

In the Midst of Deadspace 5/5 was annoying more than challenging. I hate flying against Caldari State NPCs because they like to stay at range and spam missiles. The range I can deal with, the missiles are tough; I like rats that need to get close to be effective. To make the situation more frustrating they had some blackbird jammers that were breaking my lock a lot.

Still, I was able to lock enough to kill one and the frigs, warp out for shield repair, and warp back and kill the other and the battleships of the first pocket. There were three pockets in all and each one could be pulled separately and dealt with easily once the jammers were disposed of. Then I had to blow up a Caldari Factory which took a few minutes and ton of ammo.

Still, after rewards and loot I made about 20 million isk and salvage which is pretty good for an hour and a half effort. Now I can outfit my new Scorpion in style and roll with my homies.

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