Friday, January 18, 2008


Last night I had a warhammer game with Max (aka Lostknight). It was a 1000 point challenge game and we rolled up Recon mission.

My army:
Chaos Terminator Lord with twin lightning claws
5 Terminators
2 x 10 marines with lascannon, plasma gun, champ with power weapon in Rhino

Max's Green Phoenix Space Marines:
Chaplin on Bike
Venerable Dreadnought
10 Scouts
2 x 10 Marines with las/plas and sgt with Power fist

The game started well for me, some decent shooting destroying the twin lascannon on the predator and chewing up the scouts. The Chaos lord charged into the chaplin and killed him in a couple rounds before the dreadnought finished him off.

And then the wheels fell off the bus. Turn 2 the terminators teleported in behind his lines and could only stun the dreadnought's rear armour despite getting a pen. Then they lost two models to shooting and the remaining three broke! The defiler's shooting with the battlecannon was lacklustre and then it got immobilized by the vindicator.

The dreadnought charged into one of my tactical squads and despite krak grenades he easily defeated it and chased it down. My other tactical squad was mostly out of the fighting and suffered its only casualty when the plasma gunner overheated himself. Sigh.

After six turns all I had left was one tactical squad facing off against a damaged predator, dreadnought, vindicator and a tactical squad. Victory to the Imperium... this time.

I felt I made perhaps one or two small errors, and then compounded those errors with a spot of bad luck and throw in a dash of ruthless efficiency in execution of his battleplan for Max, and you get a stomping. My errors were placing one tactical squad to the far left while the rest of my and Max's armies were on the right, and then advancing the defiler to the same side of the forest as the vindicator. The bad luck was having the terminators roll eleven when I needed ten or less on 2D6. Damn, that killed me.

Max on the other hand, has vastly improved since we first played in Feb 2005 and now has two wins in a row against me! *cracks knuckles* I'll get you next time!

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