Monday, January 07, 2008


While reviewing my site stats, something I do once or twice a year to see if I'm talking to myself or not (always a concern), I noticed a spike in Unique Visitors including 43(!) last Saturday. Digging deeper I see that over the last 20 weeks my visits have increased a lot from averaging around 20 last summer and fall to over 50 during December with a high of 113 in the first week of December. Wow.

In the last 20 months you can see the average around 40-50 visits per month and then growing steadily over the last four months to 315 in December. Of course I had to find out what was driving this traffic.

Looking at the referrers saw a significant number of visits from the Conquer Club forums. Someone linked my short review of the website on Jan 4th and that explains the 43 visits last Saturday. There was a few links from Deep Space forums as to be expected, and one link from Well I recognize that name, that is one of the commenters I have! I run over there and I see a little blog he runs but sadly it appears to have no recent updates, sounds like life it interfering with Eve.

Furthermore, it appears he is part of the Foundation alliance which happens to be fighting Veritalis Immortalis (sp?) which is an alliance Strife is friendly too, so I might run into Alasseo in combat sometime. Small universe, eh? Anyways, I subscribed to your blog Alasseo, so if you start updating I'll know ;).

Back on topic. Looking at the Search Engine Referrers I see some hits from various Warhammer and Eve terms, a significant number on the Caldari Rokh Battleship. Hey searchers, you want to hear me pontificate more on the Rokh, you let me know. I LOVE that ship.

Well that's all for now.


  1. Pontificate all you want about the rokh!

    Its a beast!

  2. Well, I'm back running full-force in Eve, I'm just not having much to blog about.

    Despite trying to gear up for my screening, I'm more or less failed. I don't believe I'll be making it. Bloody work took over.

    The link is likely just me, I use my blogroll as an easy way to avoid bookmarks. :p

    I'll be poking around now that I'm back in business, though. Perhaps weekly posts? Don't get excited.

    Finally..I've been watching MH for you. I'm old hand at making pirates cry, and I think my ruptures can slam your raxes. 30m sp into minmatar cruisers and frigates has to be good for something.

    I lied. Veritas Immortalis. Immortal Truth. ..I'm taking 4th year latin, too. >.>