Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Finally A Kill

Last night the PvP drought I had going from m3 over to Strife finally ended.

It wasn't pretty: three battleships and my Brutix battlecruiser against a Hurricane battlecruiser that jumped through a gate to find us. As you can see, I did the least amount of damage but I did have to hightail it from 30km away and I was using ECM drones to cause havoc instead of damage and my weapons are all short ranged, so to cause 2500 points of damage despite all that is still nice. Not to mention I put a scram and webber on him too.

Last night we were rolling with a majority of battleships, a considerable upgrade in tonnage from the night before. I'm going to have to break out a Scorpion out of mothballs and get the ECM monster going again. Also, I bought a new Falcon to replace the one I accidentally got destroyed by CONCORD when I was testing it out in high sec against Derranna. I forgot the new rule that you have to be in the same corp as well as gang to avoid punishment, and Derranna is in Razor Tech. That sucked.

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