Monday, December 03, 2007

Temptation Overwhelmed Me

I've been playing a bit with Barak's carrier the infamous Aluminum Falcon.

As I fitted it with mods I could use I became a little despondent. A beautiful ship like this needs awesome armour repairing and two Large Armour Repairer (LAR) IIs was not cutting it. An LAR II gives 800 hitpoints every 15 seconds for 400 energy so I was getting 1600 HPs for 800 energy every 15 seconds, so about 106 HPs per sec at 2 HP per energy.

A Capital Armour Repairer gives 9600 HPs every 30 seconds for 2400 enegy. That's 320 HPs/sec and 4 HPs/energy. Not to mention it takes one low slot instead of two.

The problem was I needed to buy the skill book (17 million ISK) and the module itself (around 45 million ISK), and then I would have to stop Kirith's training in order to train the skill.

Well, I broke down and gave Barak the money and trained up Capital Armour Repairing I so he could fit the module on the carrier.

But I couldn't stop there. Oh no! Once I stopped Kirith I looked at Barak and said to myself, "Hey, its only 2 days to train up Gallente Carrier III. That would give me another drone to control and everyone knows 8 drones are much cooler than 7." So once Capital Armour Repairing I finished I grinned maniacally and started Gallente Carrier III. Poor Kirith.

The skill finished late last night and Kirith continued on his journey to Recons a few days later than expected while Barak gets to enjoy his more effective armour tank and extra drone.

But the temptation remains. Barak now wants Fighters, the ultimate drones, and another level of Gallente Carrier would be sooooo sweet....

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