Saturday, December 15, 2007

Optivus' New Purpose

I finally figured out what to do with Optivus.

I didn't want to run a third account, so I was going to transfer him to my main account that had room. I considered making him a cyno alt to replace over-used Derranna, but if he was on the main account he couldn't do it. Can only have one character per account logged in.

So I struck upon an idea: I moved Sun Tomah, the least used of my second account characters, to the main allowing Optivus a home with Derranna and Korannon on the second account. This puts him in position to be my cyno alt for Barak and eventually Kirith.

Setting him up has been a challenge, mainly getting into 0.0 safely with the cyno ship. I failed once because of a gate camp with a bubble where everyone was blue to me (Optivus joined m3 to get rights to Wicked Creek) except one Taranis that was neutral and killed me just as I got out of the bubble. Sucks. I did get my pod to station though, bought a new ship in 0.0 and set up in a nice out of the way system with a station and range to low sec and Wicked Creek. Now I'm working on getting a second clone safely to Wicked Creek.

Side Note: Widow is in the factory, due out late Sunday night! Woot!

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