Thursday, December 06, 2007

Freeze Frame!

Last night the massive Eve upgrade called Trinity was complete and I quickly downloaded and installed the patch. With the game running I threw in the Scorpion BPCs for my invention jobs and began downloading the "premium content".

You see, the code upgrade uses the old engine, but if you're graphics card can handle it, you can download the new graphics engine with all new ship skins and graphic fancies. My new Dell was in the good list so I installed the premium content and ran Eve and oooohhhhh'd and aaaahhhh'd at the great looking graphics.

One problem however: while sitting in station my client would just freeze. Solid. I could alt-tab out to windows and get back in but it would happen again. I tried lowering graphic options, windowed and fullscreen, etc but no luck. It would still freeze on me.

Despondent I switched back to the "classic" graphics as I ran out of time trying stuff last night.
Tonight I plan to try some new video drivers and a couple other graphical options that might help out. If not, I'll be forced to stick with classic for a while.

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