Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Veteran of the Cold Wars

I've been playing for over a year but it was not until recently that I realized that I was a veteran Eve pilot. Talking to my m3 corpmates has really driven the point home for me. I've done 0.0 life, low sec ganking, missions, exploration, and trading in my combat pilot. And in my industrial alts I've done research, production, invention, ship construction, POS management, and some corp management. There is not a lot I have not participated in, the big things being serious alliance politics, fleet battles, and outpost management/construction.

The upshot of this is that I can participate with some confidence in the corp discussions and have some influence that my newly joined status would not otherwise allow. Its not that I'm trying to take over the corp or dictate direction, but merely participate in the discussion with my two cents and show I'm willing to integrate with the corp and work with them.

So far I'm decently impressed with the quality of the corp. Decent people, decent teamwork. Its only been a week, but I'm starting to feel comfortable. On the weekend I helped another guy take down a pirate.

The pirate was in a low sec system near HQ and a corpmate asked if anyone wanted to help get them. I said sure and asked what they were flying so I knew what ship to bring. He was in a rifter, the target was last seen flying a jaguar. Hmmm, we can take that I thought. I jumped in my trusty Thorax and flew to the system.

The target was docked and we parked outside. A little while later the target undocked in a Rupture and engaged the rifter. We started pounding it and my tech II drones and blasters made short work of the 1600mm plate armour. A good kill, some T2 mods in the loot that I gave to my wingman as they were projectile mods and not useful for me.

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  1. Poor Rupture pilot, honestly. Given equal skills, Ruptures consistently beat Throaxes in my experience. How was your rifter buddy kit?