Friday, November 16, 2007

One Week To Go!

Seven days and nine hours to for Caldari Cruiser V. Wow. It actually went by faster than I expected it to feel.

This means I can be sitting in a Falcon or Rook in two weeks after I train Covet Ops IV and Signature Analysis V, both of which are useful in their own right.

Then another 3 days for Assault Ships IV and I'll be ready to train Heavy Assault Ships. Checking out the Logisitics cruisers, after I get the Recons I'll only need Long Range Targeting V, a 7.75 day skill, to be ready for them. Not a high priority but I might do it simply to be complete.

Derranna's training is working on long skills, Caldari Starship Engineering V for another 15 days after a week of training already, and then Cruiser Construction V which is another 20 days. I might even go for Caldari Encryption Methods V to complete the ship invention trifecta.

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