Monday, November 26, 2007

Eve Offline

Last week was terribly busy. Jiu Jitsu test Wednesday night, concert Friday night, Warhammer all day Saturday, housework and power outage for a good part Sunday, so needless to say I didn't get a lot of Eve gametime in. What I did have was spent getting Razor production and sales going.

I moved my selling operations to Rens because I was finding I wasn't making a lot of money very quickly with the trading that I'm doing with Seven Six's money and the prices in Hek were starting to approach Rens prices anyways. I quickly sold all 110 Invulnerability fields and used the proceeds to get a Blackbird BPO and the skill books for the Minmatar Freighter.

I can hear the question: why do you need a Fenrir when you have Barak and his Obelisk?

Well, its like this: I have a lot of specialized characters right now. Korannon as CEO and trader, Derranna as inventor and manufacturer, Sun as researcher, Barak as hauler, Kirith as combat pilot.

Its too much switching and remembering who is where doing what. I can't get rid of Sun even though Derranna does all the same work because Derranna can only run 10 lab slots. She can train up for one more, but that's it. I have 14 slots on my labs not including invention slots so I need Sun to pick up the slack.

Korannon could easily be replaced if I ever decided to train Derranna into trading and CEO, but that is not something easily done at this point in her training path.

But Barak brings only the freighter skills to Razor and Derranna was only two (expensive) skills from it. By training her up for a freighter, it will leave me with Barak to do whatever I need with. Of course, the real question now is do I sell the Obelisk to fund the Fenrir, or buy the Fenrir honestly? Still on the fence on that point.

Which brings me to Optivus. I sold all his assets and bought a Falcon. I gave him some more ISK and bought some skill books and parts so he could outfit it with a couple T2 heavy launchers and a covert ops cloak. Now the question is, what next? He is slightly more advanced than Kirith in recons but I'm catching up, and he doesn't fill any role that Kirith can't do just as well besides the Recon ship. I've been wracking my brain for idea but beyond solo PvP (which the Falcon is a poor choice for) I can't come up with anything.

If the character came from anyone else but Al, I would strip down the assets and sell the character for ISK on the forums. But Al gave me his creation in good faith so I can't do that. Perhaps I will train up his cynosaural generating skills and use him as a cyno/scout alt.

Decisions, decisions.

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  1. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Optivus trained really, really hard to be good at just one thing: Jamming. Run a shipfit comparison vers Kirith. He does have 3 million more skill points in Engineering and Electronics most of which are geared towards jamming (like Capacitor related stuff).

    That being said, he is sorta one dimensional. He is more of a support fighter than a front line guy.