Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Electronic Attack Frigates

Out of the five new ship classes coming out in the Trinity patch (estimated Dec 5th!) the two Tech 2 battleships got the most attention because they will be the most sought after. The Heavy Interdictor gets a lot of forum time more for its low sec abilities than 0.0 bubble applications, and the Jump Freighter's future as replacement for carriers as haulers in 0.0 combined with its massive costs cause a lot of discussion.

But the fifth ship in the list, Electronic Attack Frigates (EAS), get ignored a lot of the time. The goal of the ship class is to provide a small fast moving electronic warfare platform for frigate sized engagements. Fragile, it depends on its speed and ECM jamming (for Caldari) to stay alive and cause havoc against small enemy gangs. It completes the trifecta for T2 frigate gangs: interceptors to catch them, EAS to jam them, assault ships to cause damage. A roving gang with two interceptors, three assault ships, and one or two EAS could easily take down lone battleships, gangs of cruisers, or mining/industrials with frightening ease, and the speed at which they move make them difficult to catch.

Kirith is nicely positioned for these ships already as the main requirements will be Electronic Upgrades V and Caldari Frigate V and he has them both.

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