Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Breaking Down Optivus Slysonn

Another friend left Eve and bequeathed his character to me. My friend Al started very soon after I did and he choose the same race (although different bloodline) so it will be interesting to see what his skills are compared to Kirith as they are both Caldari combat pilots. So I will run down the skill categories and compared them.

Corporation Management: Kirith 24K , Optivus 0
Mainly for anchoring things.

Drones: Kirith 1 million, Optivus 535K
I went for tech 2 medium drones for my Rokh, Al was just on the verge of getting them.

Electronics: Kirith 2.2 million, Optivus 4.1 million
He has about three skills trained up to level V that Kirith is only at level IV.

Engineering: Kirith 1.7 million, Optivus 2.8 million
Again very similar but he has three more skills at level V instead of level IV.

Gunnery: Kirith 4.2 million, Optivus 120K
No contest and not surprising as most Caldari pilots spec for missiles, Kirith is an aberration.

Industry: 9000 to 250
Yeah, neither of us were into manufacturing with these characters.

Leadership: 10K to 0
Kirith has the beginnings of a commander in him, Optivus not interested.

Learning: 2.2 million to 1.9 million
Not much difference there. Mostly a couple of skills taken to IV where he stopped at III.

Mechanic: 950K to 98K
This is indicative of the training I did for Tech 2 armour tanking whereas Optivus just need good cargo expanders.

Missile Launcher Operation: 612K to 2.2 million
Here we see the inverse of the gunnery skills. Optivus is ready for Tech 2 Heavy Missiles and has a lot of other skills at IV instead of III.

Navigation: 1.2 million to 566K
Kirith went for interceptors which required Evasive Maneuvuring V and Navigation V, both of which Optivus has only at IV.

Science: 343K to 328K
Very similar skillset.

Social: 271K to 117K
I have slightly higher due to more mission running and hence wanting better return.

Spaceship Command: 3 million to 3.9 million
Kirith has a greater range of ships available to him, but Optivus has Battlecruiser IV (instead of III) and has already attained Caldari Cruiser V and Recon up to IV.

Trade: 607K to 1.4K
That month last winter I spent trading shows up here often in any character comparison. Still, some useful skills in here for turning loot into ISK.

Kirith has 162 known skills, 26 at maximum level V, 18.5 million skill points
Optivus has 90 known skills, 23 at level V, 16.8 million skill points

Based on his skillset, Optivus is specced as an expect ECM jammer pilot, best suited to flying a Blackbird or Falcon/Rook recon ship, spewing heavy missiles at all comers.

Next step is to audit all his assets and consolidate them, and plan how to use this extra pilot.

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