Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My First Real Solo Kill

When I was in Strife, I tried solo pirating in a blaster Moa and didn't have any success. I tangled with a Caracal once but couldn't do enough damage and I had to warp off, and I attacked another ship but he ran. Once in a gang I warped my Ferox in on a Catalyst ratting and had my gangmates coming in but I killed the pilot before they got there. Kind of solo... but more like wimpy solo. LOL

So last night I made the trip to Pelille determined to begin a new solo pirating career worth talking about. First I needed a ship, or more likely in my case, ships. I've come to love blasters for their damage and closeness so I knew it would be a blaster boat but upon reviewing the Caldari line the options were problematic: ships either had not enough turrets (Merlin, Moa, Ferox, Raptor) or were too expensive at this time for what I was going to be doing (Harpy, Rokh).

So I turned to Gallente which are supposed to be blaster specialists. I went right away to the Thorax as it had the quadfecta of good points: fast, cheap, lots of turrets, and 50m3 drone bay. A quick review of the forums found this little build:

High - 5x Ion Blaster I
Mids - Web/Scram/10mn MWD
Lows - MAR, EANM, DCU, Kinetic Armor Hardener, MFS
5x Hammerhead I

I bought and built four of them with just plain unnamed T1 mods. These are my trial by fire ships and cost just over 8 million each. I jumped in the first one (IPORC Pain) and flew to Pelille to submit my application to IPORC once again.

After that I undocked and began the hunt! I quickly scanned down a two year old character ratting in a belt in a Tristan, a gallente frig. I sped in, locked, and engaged. In seconds he was dead and I had my first kill! As I scooped the loot my heart was POUNDING in my chest and my hands were shaking from adrenaline. I warped to safe spot to wait out the timer and checked my loot: T2 blaster and afterburner, and some other miscellaneous stuff.

Kirith the pirate is born!

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