Monday, October 22, 2007

Carrier Fun

On Sunday I got a free day from home duties and spent all day and evening playing Eve.

First off I spent a few hours hauling stuff for Razor and the T2 battleship production preparations. Slowly but surely the plan is coming together as I managed to clear off the Delivery tab. Then in the afternoon I went hunting with the guys in my Myrmidon and we got a couple negative security status guys near a station looking to play with us.

We had a Drake, Rupture, Ishtar, and Mrymidon (me) and they had a Rupture and Arbitrator. Outnumbered, they undocked and docked a couple times and we managed to get the Arbitrator. Then the Rupture undocked and the second pilot jumped into a Blackbird which we quickly made short work of, followed by the Rupture.

Then one of the pilots undocked in an Archon. Holy crap! Fortunately he only threw T1 heavy drones at us and we dueled with him for a few minutes, popping drones and warping out when he tried to target us (except the Drake pilot who laughed himself silly just tanking the damage). Things were getting crazy and in an effort to bump him off the station I let myself get targeted. Whoops! Scrammed and webbed I tried to tank but slowly went down and died.

That sucked, but it was lots of fun.

I went back and jumped in a Harpy and we all disengaged from the Archon realizing we would never have the firepower to take it down and he would just dock if we mustered it anyways. We cruised on and later found an Armageddon mining in a belt. Well, we killed him just on principle. Unfortunately he had friends in system and we found three carriers guarding the gate, two Thanatos and a Chimera. Lucky for us, someone else jumped into the system and distracted them as we warped to zero and jumped out. Good thing they weren't using smart bombs!

Later on that evening I was out alone for thirty minutes, scanning belts and looking for trouble in my trusty Thorax. I found a retriever mining (of all things) in a belt and promptly attacked it. Why are they never aligned and warping, I'll never know. I scrammed him and quickly dispatched him, looted the wreck, and warped to safe. Then something strange happened.

He writes in local, "Sorry about that, here is 2 million isk."

I'm like, what the hell? So I write, "thanks?"

He responds, "I came out for a little mining without asking and you are just defending your system. Maybe I'll come back later and we'll talk."

Ok, weird. I continue scanning while waiting for the criminal counter to pass. He shows back up in local and I notice some new ships on scanner. Drake. Thorax. Ishtar. Hmmmm..... I'm not in a ship outfitted for a fight against those ships if outfitted correctly so I quickly opt to leave once my counter is done.

All in all, a good day.

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