Wednesday, September 19, 2007

RIP Blaster Rokh

Last night I was out with Hakk blowing the craps out of rats hither and sunder. Good fun. I logged in a safe spot so I could rat for some this morning and pick up a few more million.

Well, I log in, warp to belt one, nothing. Start warping to belt two, neutral shows up in local. Crap. I land in belt two and immediately hit warp to safe spot. As I'm aligning and accelerating, a Rapier recon shows up in the belt and starts targetting me. Oh frack. Warp scrambled, webbed, damped. And ultimately, screwed. Two of his buddies shows up seconds later and the two ravens make short work of me.

I got my pod out so saved that indignity. I totally understand why people fly battlecruisers and HACs for ratting, the speed to get out is much appreciated. I might have escaped had I not been just in warp when he arrived in local. Plus there was only a few belts so it was easy for him to pinpoint my location on scan.

Ah well, the insurance payout means I have enough money to pay for the outpost tax next month, so I'm not under any pressure to make huge amounts of isk right now. Maybe see if I can get some PvP in to boost my fortunes.

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