Monday, August 27, 2007

Whew! Long Week Over

I was exceptionally busy last week but things are returning to normal. First off, catch up on Eve happenings.

I finished the training for Assault Frigs and decided it was time to get T2 weapons so began training in that direction. Also picked up Interceptor IV and Advanced Weapon Upgrades to help with fitting ships. The plan is a 73 day epic journey of which half is Large and Medium Hybrid Turret V skills. This takes me into freaking November. Wow. But it should be worth it.

On the KODA side of things, Derranna finished Metallurgy V for those difficult blueprints that required it for research and production and has moved into skills for my mining barge which will take a couple weeks. She also started running missions for a corp to increase refining yield at its stations.

In a fit of craziness I went on a spending spree and purchased the Transport Ship skillbook for her and both Minmatar transport ships. After flying them, I have to say the Mastodon disappointed me. It has slightly less space than the T1 Mammoth when both have 4 T2 expanders, and it is dead slow and takes massive cap to get into warp (although that is partly Derranna's fault with her crappy ship flying skills). On the upside, it has nearly 10 times the shield HPs and can fit 5 expanders so has overall more space.

The Prowler Blockade Runner on the other hand, has exceeded my expectations by far. With four times the shields than the mammoth it is still lighter, faster, and warps at 9 au/sec! That's faster than cruisers and battleships and gives a nice advantage to this ship. Cargo space sucks, but for scooting through low sec or making average hauls through high sec where space is not an issue, it will be the go-to ship.

In other news, I've partnered with a close friend and started to get things in place for ship invention. I wasn't planning it for a while but the interest is high and reserves were at a place I felt I could afford to invest. It will take a month or so before the first job goes in but the process is started.

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  1. I just saw you post on TAGN and followed you here, was reading up on old entries and thought I'd comment this.

    T2 ship without T2 guns? May you forever be plagued by low damage.

    Also, Mastodon is eh for usefulness. It can fit a mean tank, but if it's being shot at you're most likely screwed anyways.