Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thoughts On Electronic Warfare

Today I'm finishing the last of the training I plan to do on Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) skills as Long Distance Jamming IV completes.

I started into ECM training at the end of July in an effort to allow me to use the Scorpion as my PvP battleship since the Raven was not my style and the Rokh is so bloody expensive. The Scorpion is cheaper yet deadly in gang PvP with the ability to lock down one or two ships and prevent them from doing any damage.

The Scorpion is unique amoungst all the races' battleship in that it is the only one to focus on electronic warfare instead of just damage and tanking. While the other races' tier one battleships are looked at as cheaper and less effective versions of the tier two and three ships (excepting the Dominix which is a drone carrier second to none outside of a carrier), the Scorpion is considered worthy of being a fleet class vessel with long range and powerful target jamming.

Another bonus to learning the ECM skills is that I can now PvP in a Blackbird which is a nice cheap cruiser, and I have skills to make maximum use of the recon ships, the Falcon and the Rook.

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