Monday, July 16, 2007

Frustration Tripled

Frustration #1 - Trying to find out how to get my stuff carrier jumped to Deklien. Finally contracted it to a guy, not sure if it got to where its supposed to go.

Frustration #2 - Trying to get Team Speak working. Pain in the ass but my friend finally helped me.

Frustration #3 - Trying to get to Deklien myself. At first I was going to try and fly a battleship up, but upon advice of a friend decided to fly up in an interceptor and simply buy one up there. SO now I have arrange for another carrier jump for some more stuff.

To makes all this frustration even worse, I lost my buzzard when I tried to sneak into Syndicate to sell some stuff I had lying around there. I jumped through and moved and activated my cloak, but a vagabond came flying over from 24 km away in seconds to decloak me and I was dead from that moment on. Saved my pod though. Bastards.

Damn, I need to get to Deklien soon.

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